Police Beaut-ality… the Dehner Top Strap Patrol Boot

Police Beaut-ality… the Dehner Top Strap Patrol Boot

Here’s what I have to say about these Dehner cop boots: 19″ is a lot of boot to climb.

Impeccable shine on the toes, all uppers in great condition. Soles worn but not overworn. Leather lined, of course.

Men’s size 9, Women’s size 10.5.  18″ external calf circumference.


Compare with these for $730 – $945 from the world famous Dehner bootmaker’s site:



And Another Thing:

While we’re talking law enforcement and patrol boots, I also have a pair of Brinkerhoff Motor Boots in about a size 10 or 11, in less perfect condition and a much lower price point. Oh hey, and also some leather cop uniform-style jodphur pants in black with a white leg stripe, size 38. And a police belt with 9mm “squirt-pistol” holster and all the handcuff and flashlight attachments. Come check everything out!

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