Prince Harry dropped by to say your Filson boots are here

Prince Harry dropped by to say your Filson boots are here

Ah, Filson. The very name brings up memories of the first time you ever walked into an incredibly high-end adventure clothing store, and gasped at the beauty of the gear within. The next memory should be you gasping at the price of the gear. It’s all something you might imagine Prince Harry dashing about in, shouting Tally Ho, eh, what?

Wait, you say you haven’t been in such a store? Looky here.

Back so soon? Well, while you’re still all gasp-y, please behold:

A pair of Filson boots in quite darn good nick. The leather is smooth and supple, with a patina that’s just getting started. And while they appear genteel and unassuming and tasteful as all heck on the outside, they’re a sybaritic party for your feet on the inside. The insole is made of cork, which I have never seen in all my born days, and they are so comfortable your bedroom slippers will blush furiously and turn to face the wall.

$68 adventurous -yet- comfortable dollars
Size men’s 7 or women’s 8.5

Stock# 3971

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