Enough Campus Boots for an entire university

Enough Campus Boots for an entire university

Just arrived:  an entire collection of campus boots of various brands, sizes, and hues. I may have exaggerated the sheer numbers in the title but you could for sure see that an entire Glee club was well and matchingly shod.

Counting from where I sit, I see 19 pairs of campus boots.  NINETEEN PAIRS.  Hues: bone white, light tan, rich medium brown, and burgundy.  And one venturesome pair in dark brown.

Some are in almost new condition, some are quite worn, none are overworn.

Sizes from men’s 8.5 to 11, with a few outliers in the smaller feet department.

Brands: Frye, Double H, and I.Dunno

Prices range from $35 to $95, depending.

Come and see if your glee club needs boots!




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