Trippen Boots

Trippen Boots

Trippen is a funny brand name for boots, no? It’s like selling climbing gear under the brand name Fallin‘, or winter tires under the brand name Slippin‘. But there you go. Trippen.
High fashion. Fancy. Gives you a lot of choices about what to do with your boot laces, for those folks with a touch of OCD. Leather lined, sumptuous outer leather. (I love the word sumptuous, and I don’t use it lightly here.) Rear zipper.

Lookit all the other Trippen boots at Gravity Pope, land of fancy shoes: Trippen for Men / Trippen for Women

These ones are sized Men’s 7, Women’s 8.5, Euro 39
If the shoe fits, come and wear ’em. Watch out for cracks in the sidewalk afterwards though. Just in case.


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