Dayton Mustang Boots (Brown Beauty), Vintage 1970 Deadstock

Dayton Mustang Boots (Brown Beauty), Vintage 1970 Deadstock

Once upon a long long long time ago, Dayton made some boots. They were tucked sweetly away to nap in a boot box, to await the arrival of Footprints Charming. Alas, Footprints Charming never came. Not for years. Not for about 45 years. Not until now.

If this boot were built today, it would be so similar to the classic Dayton Black Beauty that it would be called a Brown Beauty. Back in (circa) 1970 they called it a Mustang, and the box says Dayton “Circle D Ranch”.

Unworn, unwalked-in. Vintage bull-head stamp on front of shaft. Biltrite heels. Leather soles. Just awoken from that lonnnng sleep. Brand new in box (BNIB, as they lyrically say on Ebay)
Size 41, 8.5 mens’, 10 womens.

$589 not-cheap-but-utterly-worth-it dollars.

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