UPDATE: SOLD! Indigo Viberg Derby – Oxford Shoes Hells to the Yeah

UPDATE: SOLD! Indigo Viberg Derby – Oxford Shoes Hells to the Yeah

EDIT – somebody very lucky will be receiving these as a Christmas gift this year!

Viberg is a long-standing home-grown family-run boot-making (and lots more great hyphenated stuff) company in Victoria, BC.  Viberg makes the best-made boots in North America, and I think in the world.

And sometimes they make shoes. Fancy, fancy shoes that are hotly desired, dissected and debated (plus other attractive alliterations) in groups of folks who are as leather-obsessed as I am.

These shoes have a story. Once upon a fairly short time ago, Viberg started experimenting with dipping items in natural indigo dye. The result is quite remarkably beautiful, as you can see, and will form a gorgeous patina in time.


This is quite a bit like the Viberg Derby Shoe (https://viberg.com/collections/footwear/products/derby-shoe-plum-calf), but is cut a tiny bit more like the service boot (https://viberg.com/collections/footwear/products/service-boot-tan-horsehide) around the counter. It has a gorgeous red Dainite sole.

We have not seen this anywhere in the regular run of Vibergs, and suspect it’s a custom jobbie. They look like someone wore them for three days on carpet and never moved their toes.

If you could get these shoes off the Viberg site, which you can’t, they’d cost you about $900 CAD to acquire them. (Viberg website catalog prices are in USD). Here they are for $450. If you have a manly-sized foot in a size between 12.75 – 13.5 (north american), come try them on!

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