X-Files fans? We have Dayton Boots for you…

X-Files fans? We have Dayton Boots for you…

These Dayton X-boots are really darned fabulous. I usually do a little blurb about items that we post online and try to do the adequate research to back up my writing. Some savvy internet sleuthing informs me that this style of boot is so named because the crew from the X-Files really liked wearing them on set. The backstage tech in me really pleased with this geeky discovery.

These boots are 6” high lace ups with an ankle strap, rough out on the heel and inner arch, and vibram soles. We actually have 2 pairs in right now: one is a M7/W8.5 and the other is a M9/W10.5. 

These boots sell for over $425CAD brand new but here they are $209. Come try on some geeky goodness 🙂

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