Frye Boots that are Star-Crossed Lovers

Frye Boots that are Star-Crossed Lovers

These brand-new, unworn Frye boots have been through a lot to be together. Their parents tried to keep them apart. Their clans and tribes were rivals for the podiatrical love of the buying public. Everyone said it would never work; that this was a pairing doomed from the start. “You’re too different!” They’d wail.

But they persisted in their desire. They said they felt the love for each other in their very soles. They knew they could counter on each other. They didn’t need to toe any old line.

They knew they were perfectly right for each other. And left. Also they were left for each other.

Size 42 / men’s 9 / women’s 10.5
Item # 271111
Brand new, unworn.
(The price of a boring old perfectly matching pair would have been about $400 CAD)

(Plain language: These boots are both brand new, both exactly the same brand, size, leather type, and warm brown colour. The lasted toe shape is identical, as is the heel height and shape. The styles of the uppers, however, are somewhat different.)

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