Viberg X Nigel Cabourn Apsley Scott explorer boots.

Viberg X Nigel Cabourn Apsley Scott explorer boots.

Okay, so in 2012, this style of Viberg boot was made in a limited edition to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of an exploration by … well, let me quote at you:

From the website of Barneys New York

Part of the Scott Limited Edition 2 Collection and inspired by the vintage mountaineering boot from Scott’??s Terra Nova Arctic Expedition, this boot features a brand new pattern, last and toe shape exclusive to the Nigel Cabourn x Viberg collaboration.

Distressed smooth Chromexcel leather square toe lace-up boot with gold-tone hardware, durable leather laces and large gusseted tongue. Ankle pull tab and padded collar. Stacked welt with contrast stitching. Nailed down construction featuring genuine brass nails that won??t damage the leather when wet. Vintage-style Goodyear Commando sole.

At time of typing, there’s one on Ebay for $999 Euro ($1450 CAD) with a black sole, which is how these boots seem to have been made. They say:

…pair of original Viberg x Nigel Cabourn Apsley men boots (Apsley Cherry-Garrard Expedition Boots)

This is a limited edition of only 75 handcrafted pieces from 2012. Price was at 1,400.00 Euros
Shoes are Goodyear welted and perfectly handcrafted.

It should be noted that nowadays Viberg stocks a similar but much more… er… quotidian tan chamois Apsley hiking boot for $700 USD. It’s got a different stitch pattern and looks like a different last.

On to this boot:

Originally bought at the Victoria Viberg store, this Apsley boot seems to be a one-of-a-kind edition. Search as I might, I can find no other boot of this style with this astonishing honey vibram lug sole. It appears to be on a slightly more elegant last than the official edition, with a saucy little bump toe and a bit more thickness in the fantastic sole.
It does not have the “Nigel Cabourn” label inside the tongue, nor the Viberg-stamped footbed, which makes this a classic example of a Viberg factory sample one-of-a-kind.

They seem to have been worn about four times.

‘Bout a men’s 10, maybe 10.5.

Watch this space for price; we’re still negotiating with the owner, and should know by end of day Thursday June 23.

We are willing to ship worldwide. Email [email protected] to discuss, once we’ve fixed the price.

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