The Trench Service Boot from Oak Street Bootmakers

The Trench Service Boot from Oak Street Bootmakers

Everyone loves a good service boot. This Oak Street Bootmakers trench boot will make your feet sing songs of joy and sophistication to one another, which songs will be slightly muffled by your socks, but that’ll be okay. Because of the Horween leather, and the handcrafted artisan-level build.

Oak Street boots (made in Chicago) have been compared to Viberg, Truman, and the like.

These are about a size 41, or men’s 8-1/2, women’s 10. They’re marked a 9, but I’d consider that an iffy fit, lengthwise. Bring your feet and see. We’ll listen carefully for the foot-singing chorus. (The music of feet has .. er…. sole.)

$275 CAD

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