Pittsburgh US Artisan Boots in Charcoal

Pittsburgh US Artisan Boots in Charcoal

Dude, what? The closer you get to these, the more you want to stick them on your feet and go running in joyous circles in a hand-knitted jumper and slouchy hat. Followed by a litter of golden retriever puppies. In a positive flurry of picturesque dried, colourful fall leaves. You’re getting the picture?

Knee high, scrumptious leather, leather-lined, inside zip, strap detail, stacked heel, leather sole. $500 new!

Condition? It looks like someone wore them outside once on a dry day, and then was abducted by aliens.

Calf circumference is 15″ on the OUTSIDE of the widest part, so these will fit only “fashion standard” calf sizes.

Item No. 10491
Size 41 (Women’s 10)

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