WESCO Custom Jobmaster Boots

WESCO Custom Jobmaster Boots

Wesco boots are one of the five most sought-after brands of real-boot-kinda-boots in the world. They’ve been making boots for almost a century, and with all that practice, they’ve got it pretty perfect.

This is a one-of-a-kind custom-build pair of Jobmasters. They have a natural double leather midsole. They are made with black Domain leather. They are tough, rebuildable, and, dare we say, sexy.

Bring your toe truck, and haul them home.

Item #11269
Size 42.5 (Men’s 9.5, or Women’s 11)
Starting at $359.00 CAD

Want a comparison? Have a peek at the standard Jobmaster boots on Wesco’s (USA) site.

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