Antique Daoust Boots

Antique Daoust Boots

We estimate these Daoust Ruf Rider (logger-style) boots as 1950s-era.

Lots of signs of age; these are far from new condition (like 70 years far).

The leather is (especially on the foot/ toe) dry and aged, and there is oxidation on the hardware. The original Biltrite sole shows wear, and the rubber has become smooth and hard with age. They are still officially a boot, though, and not just an antique museum piece. Steel-toe, still sturdy, with surprisingly flexible uppers, they’re ready for a foray into reconditioning. The darker brown shafts especially have a gorgeous patina.

Daoust made their fortune building ice skates (which many of you might remember) and these older boots are super rare.

Wearable history. How about that.

Item 11316
Size 41 / Men’s 8.5 / women’s 10

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