RCMP-Issued Prospector Boots

RCMP-Issued Prospector Boots

Want others to respect your authority? Get these boots.

Prospector shoes are issued to the RCMP, so you will get the look of Canada’s Finest Mounted Enforcers – watch the backs of folk straighten when you walk into the room.  While you’re practicing crowd control and protecting our nation there will be no risk of corns, blisters or fallen arches. You’re a hero and all you had to do was buy these boots. Go you!

These 10″ high Lace-Ups from Prospector have Gore-Tex and Thinsulate Lining. Waterproof for those who walk through puddles and mud without a second thought.

Prospector Boots are Made In Canada and notoriously difficult to find despite that fact. Snatch em’ while we got a pair.

Size 43.5

$119.00 – good price to feel like a boss.

Store Item # 11570