Viberg Service boots. (Wings + Horns collab) Black, size 42.5

Viberg Service boots. (Wings + Horns collab) Black, size 42.5

The nicest boots in the store today are these Wings + Horns 10-year collaboration with Viberg Service Boots.

They are stamped a Viberg size 8.5, which will fit a size 42 to 42.5 (about a 9 – 9.5 in North American men’s sizing, or Women’s 10.5 – 11)

These boots are featured on Viberg’s 2030 last using three distinct materials to capture the murdered-out black-on-black aesthetic. The roughout heels are especially eye-catching. Flat waxed linen laces. Commando Itshide (Dainite-style) sole.

This version is no longer being made, so they’ve become quite collectible. Originally sold for CAD $979, these are in 9.9/10 condition. Have a peek at the photos.

Viberg is a boot company making the best benchmade boots in the world, in the author’s humble opinion. They are based in Victoria, BC, and we’re always pleased when their beautiful, rugged, and rebuildable boots make their way to Vancouver.

Item #22256

Starting at $699 CAD

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