01740 ICON Death or Glory leather jacket

01740 ICON Death or Glory leather jacket

Now, this little number is for the rider who wishes to stay anonymous, to blend seamlessly into a crowd, to remain unnoticed. It’s almost like spy-wear; it’s that subtle.

Okay, perhaps I misspoke.

This is a freaking immaculate white leather jacket with all armour / lining / decor  intact. Grown heterosexual men have been known to weep at its beauty. Grown women have been known to turn to their weeping husbands and say “But honey, isn’t it a little… flashy?”

Yeah, it’s a lot flashy. Isn’t that why you want it?

When you can find this jacket, it retails for $650 – $695 US. Luckily you can come get it from me for under $250. Okay, just under $250.

Actually, $249.

Size XL



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