01743 Zox “Mechanicalamity” Air Attack MX helmet

01743 Zox “Mechanicalamity” Air Attack MX helmet

This is a super cute (should I say, freakin’ DANK) Zox motocross helmet with very fancy-ass paint depicting punk skulls with steel mohawks and fangs looking slightly put out with the state of the world. And flames. I do love a good flame.

Flat black. No visible wear, no dirt, no scratches. $62.10

If you come to buy it and complain about the $0.10, I’ll mark it right down to $62.00 for you. So there.

And finally, in the immortal words of some website selling this helmet for a whole bunch more than I’m selling it for:


If you are an MX enthusiast look no further than the Zox Air Attack helmets designed by Dion Design. Constructed from state-of-the-art MOLD Tech shell developed with Polycarbonate Thermo Alloy Resin Technology the Air Attack helmet also features Double D chin straps, a flush fit head vent and a replaceable chin vent. It meets or exceeds DOT and Snell 2005 safety standards.
Equipped with 3D fully removable, washable and replaceable interior, a CoolMax lining fabric, which provides you with a dry fit every time, the Air Attack helmet is one of the most comfortable MX helmets available on the market. Cheek pads are available in several sizes, which will provide you with a custom fit. Available in 2 Shell Sizes, 2 EPS and 7 sizes (2XS-2XL), the Air Attack helmet has everything Motocross riders look for in a helmet.

The graphics is what really make Zox helmets stand out from the rest. The Air Attack comes in several different graphics: Mechanicalamity (Matte), Blaze (Matte and Glossy). 10 different colors are available!

Finally, the new visor Xtender system allows you to extend the peak of the helmet protecting you from UV rays and any debris that is flying through the air.


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