01818 Gold Helmet, new

01818 Gold Helmet, new

My girlfriend has a word she uses to describe herself when facing something adorable. She says she’s cute-ified.

Right. So, every time I look at this helmet, I’m cuteified. I want to sit it on my lap and pat it while I type things to you folks.

Two stripes, but one single star. Squee! (Oh, and the stripes and star are a true red, although the halogen store lights make them show a bit pink in the pics)

It’s new, with tags and visor-protecting film and all. The visor-protecting film says, helpfully: Warning! Please be sure to remove this film before its use. Don’t worry, If you miss that bit of text, I’ll be sure to remind you before you ride off with this excellent gold 3/4 helmet.

Size M (fits a bit smaller, though).
$85 bucks

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