Utilikilt,The Original, 32 inch. Utilikiltarians, rejoice!

Utilikilt,The Original, 32 inch. Utilikiltarians, rejoice!

Utilikilts rock in almost every appreciable way, for those gents (and some feminine-identified sorts) who favour ventilation for the nethers. This model is kept closed by six snaps and your own belt, and comes off in a twinkling, upping the “it rocks” factor by allowing you to disrobe without hopping around with your pants around your ankles and being trapped by your wool socks and the tight ankle openings on your jeans. Don’t act like that’s never happened to you.

Anyhoo, this kilt is in perfect condition as far as I can see, with all snaps and pockets and such in working order, and no signs of wear.

Utilikilts are measured by actual waist inches, not in pants size, so whip out that tape measure and head over for this one. 32 inches of pleated joy.

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