Chaps. Very very fancy ass chaps.

Chaps. Very very fancy ass chaps.

So I’m usually kind of a chaps purist, and tend to enjoy just thick, black leather. But these have made me into a convert — they’re super fancy!

Two colours of leather, black and tan (if you wanna feel tough in them, think Doberman). The leather is that sumptuous butter-soft leather than you can’t take your hands off once you start touching them, and the details are super… er… detaily. Tiny wee metal studs outlike the tan leather design, and it’s hard to see in the pics but the long outside leg seam is textured in tiny repeating 2mm scallops. They’re lined all the way to the ankle.

I don’t see a single thing wrong with them, or a speck of wear. They’re a perfect example of their kind. Which is pretty one of a kind.

Size men’s S or women’s S or M


Human model not included.

stock # 02207


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