Sons of Anarchy style Leather Vest

Sons of Anarchy style Leather Vest

Tons of folks have been asking me about the style of vest worn on the motorcycle outlaw show Sons of Anarchy. (I’m a guilty-pleasure kind of SOA fan, myself.)

Here’s a perfect example, made of a thick, soft leather. It’s fully lined, has four pockets on the outside and two on the inside (when you buy these vests from the manufacturer in the USA, they call them “gun pockets”, but here in Canada we’ll call them “slingshot pockets”)

It’s in new, unworn, utterly pristine condition. I’d call it an XXL or so. Would fit a tall, broad-shouldered type. More Chibbs than Jax, if you know what I mean.

The erstwhile owner wants $285 for it. Better come give it to him — he’s pretty tough-looking.

stock #02283

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