Feel Lucky, Punk?

Feel Lucky, Punk?

The title is a bit of misdirection. That’s because “Feel Lucky, Doom/Black Metal-lover?” doesn’t have a very good ring to it. Although come to think on it, someone into punk could wear this vest too, I mean,  punk vs metal kinda flew out the window when Faith No More came on the scene in the 90s, right?

Anyhow, the “feel lucky” part is because I myself as a young metalhead would have been incredibly excited to find this beauty. Ahhh! So lucky!

Click for full-size pictoral excellence. This is a freaking work of art, people. This is not a feckless whacking on of random patches. Every silver stud is in place, and each carefully monochromatic bit of decor has been attached perfectly, and then blended into the surface of the leather (see thumbnail below), and the vest shows a brilliant bilateral symmetry.

This much doom and nihilism can be yours for a mere $42.  Size men’s S, women’s M.

Stock # 02514.

Although I should have numbered it 666.

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