Harley Davidson FXRG Heavy weight motorhome, I mean leather jacket

Harley Davidson FXRG Heavy weight motorhome, I mean leather jacket

I’m putting this heavyweight jacket up because I’m incredulous. I think it’s over 12 pounds of leather. I’m considering moving out of my apartment and into this jacket. All I’d have to do is install a bit of plumbing and add some bookshelves.

Harley Davidson asks $1100 for this jacket, new, and I guess that it’s all about the engineering.

You can read up about it online (although they seem to be only making the midweight kind as of this year) if you want the details about how it cools you or heats you and keeps you dry and protects you (has back, elbow and shoulder armour, plus a kidney belt built in), how it zips to this or that and how the pockets work, but I’m just flabbergasted about how many nifty things they built into a seriously soft and comfy jacket.

Come by and climb inside it and try it out.

2XL. Appears unworn. Stock # 02548


This is a review of a jacket from the FXRG line, but the perforated kind instead of the heavyweight — https://bikerswag.wordpress.com/2010/01/14/review-harley-davidson-fxrg-leather-jacket/




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