The Corseted Greatcoat (aka Romance on Horseback)

The Corseted Greatcoat (aka Romance on Horseback)

I want you to close your eyes and imagine, deep in the past, a windswept moor and a night lit solely by the stark full moon. Imagine a fiery-spirited white stallion galloping across it, and you on its back. Now I hope you’ll open your eyes because I’m about to show you a picture of what you’ll be wearing.

This bit of loveliness looks just like a dress, but Northbound Leather calls it a corseted greatcoat. Coat, dress, coat, dress…. I’d say it’s entirely up to you whether you’re wearing some pearly riding pants to match your white stallion on this ride, or whether you’re merely in some anachronistic yet fetching fishnet stockings. Either way, you’ll be cutting quite the figure.
Or hey, take the blue pill (or the red one, I can’t quite recall), and you can be all Matrix-y and swoosh around a dystopian future shooting at computer constructs while looking tremendously well-dressed and impervious to salad dressing spills.
All zipped up, this scrumptious beauty is figure-hugging through the top and waist, draws closer to fit with the built-in-corset at the back, and takes off into a flourish of still more soft sumptuous leather, creating a skirttail that will flare at your movement, or rest over the butt of the aforementioned white stallion.

Northbound Leather wants $1149 for this, which just make me smug to be able to offer it for $500 at East Side Re-Rides — the more so because I can’t detect a single sign of wear, nor a single flaw.

Size women’s medium. Stock # 02551

Come try it on. You bring the horse.



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