Be the World’s Fastest Baked Potato

Be the World’s Fastest Baked Potato

It’s June, and as all Vancouverites know, it’s the season for blistering hot weather. Okay, maybe there was a hailstorm today, but we know that hot weather is coming in July and August. And what does hot weather bring, she asks rhetorically? Answer: a line-up of folks walking into the store dripping perspiration delicately on the concrete floor and asking for mesh jackets. No, seriously, it totally happens just like that.

Here’s one. It’s new. It’s silver. I know the picture looks silver-greyish, but honest, it’s silver like a baked potato. Like a very fast baked potato that shines super-visibly to all those car drivers!

It’s also a very ventilated baked potato that will totally keep you cool as … um .. non-baked potato cool breezes.

River Road mesh jacket, 2XL, in a manly shape. Armor-padding at shoulders/elbows/spine. Zip-in liner for riding home after dark. New. Still has the dang new-tags from the store.


stock # 02587


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