Get into a rockstar’s pants

Get into a rockstar’s pants

These super low-waisted fancy ass leather pants are a stunning colour that shades between brown and green, and looks kinda like the soft underbelly of a dragon. The texture is soft and thick, and the quality is stupendous.

If you don’t like the idea of being stopped every few minutes by passers-by wishing to talk to you about your pants, these ain’t your gear. They so scream for attention that you’ll need shaggy hair, a few bodyguards and a limo to balance ’em out.

Skull and crossbones buttons. Front pockets, no back pockets. Seemingly unworn. Black poly-satin lined.

Buttoned up and laid flat, they’re 16 inches across the waistband. (Measure your own favourite hipster hip-high jeans to get an idea if they’re a fit.) Then get on the backcombing and hairspraying and come over to pick these up!

$139 bucks, which will surely be covered by your next royalties cheque!

Click on the thumbnails below to embiggen them. Wipe your chin.


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