Textile Motorcycle Jacket — the math problem

Textile Motorcycle Jacket — the math problem

Math problem for y’all…


What do you get if you take a featherlight black mesh jacket with leather shoulders, neck and top-of-arms, which has full armour at spine, shoulders and elbows…. (safety gear that lets the wind whistle through refreshingly on a hot day)



and then add a lghtweight waterproof/windproof liner




And a charcoal-coloured textile zip-together shell with all the modern conveniences like zipped pockets and waist size adjusters….





Answer: You get this all-in-one, all-season riding jacket.

Super! Looks like new! Buy several jackets in one! Get some practice with zipping bits of jacket to other bits!  It’s fun, and increases hand-eye co-ordination!

Size Men’s Small (Fits Women’s Med)  Powertrip brand. Stock #2794. $199.


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