Two Piece Motorcycle Suit – Black Leather and Abrasion-Resistant Fabric * (and Royer Boots)

Two Piece Motorcycle Suit – Black Leather and Abrasion-Resistant Fabric * (and Royer Boots)

Any time you’re sailing down the road at high speed and realize that at some moment past you left your motorcycle behind (Eeeeek!), safety becomes a rather immediate concern. Leather has long been appreciated for its abrasion resistance… but what if you’re travelling a long distance? (Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!) Well, this suit has the answer. Abrasion-Resistant Fabric * lining puts itself between the road surface and you. Now ain’t that comforting?  The armor is the kind that molds itself to your body with your body heat, so it starts out stiff and quickly allows you full flexibility.

The 2 pc suit is in perfect condition, with no real sign of having been worn. The pants (size 34) zip to the jacket.There are all sorts of fanciness like vents and gussets and elasticated panels and re-inforced things. It’s beautiful.

The jacket (size 40, fits larger) has two parallel  zippers. I imagine the tighter setting to be for travelling hungry to Thanksgiving dinner at your aunt’s place, and then the looser setting for travelling home again. Then again, maybe it’s about how much fuzzy sweater you’re wearing under the suit, I dunno.

Also, I hate to be the one to point this out, but the black-on-black leather and careful styling of both pant and jacket are …ah… pretty darn sexy.

The boots you see are Royer Motocross boots, super vintage and in great condition. They zip (open and close) and lace up the instep (for fit). Size 12.

Everything you see here is for sale. Except the model, who is 6″ and 185lbs, for reference.

  • Two-piece Biker’s Paradise Leather and Abrasion-Resistant Fabric * Suit = Stock #3148  $399
  • Royer Vintage Motocross boots = Stock #2841   $105
  • Li’l Old Beanie Helmet, non-DOT, No Brand, no longer street-legal – $20
  • Sunglasses – $10

Thanks to Zak, who dropped by and inadvertently ended up modelling for me.

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