Rode Hard and put away dry

Rode Hard and put away dry

You ever see that toothless old dog up for adoption, and hear the agency explain that a senior dog is a wonderful pet, and that it is looking for its forever home, with the unspoken assumption that forever ain’t so very long from now? Alright, keep that in mind while I tell you about this leather suit.

Let’s start with — it’s $99 bucks if you buy both jacket and pants. (Are you listening, longboarders?)

This suit has been used – a LOT – on the motorcycle track, and the owner has slid whooping with fearful glee along the asphalt three times in it. The knee pucks are so worn they’re only a step up from soda crackers. The leather, especially of the pants, shows considerable pavement nibbles. Some of the pocket zippers are dysfunctional, although all the main zippers are good. The pants have a hole in the textile behind the knee. The jacket has a hole in the textile in the armpit. This is still a very protective bit of gear, and will likely last quite a few more trips down memory lane on your elbows.

Made by Rubber Side Down. Jacket is solid leather and the pants are perforated leather.

Jacket: size 50, stock #3308, $65

Pants: size 40, stock #3309, $45

Buy both = $99 (they zip together; they’re littermates)

I usually don’t accept gear this far along in the natural life span of racing leather, but I guess I just wanted to see if I could help get this 2pc suit a forever home.




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