Langlitz Leathers; O yes, they will be yours.

Langlitz Leathers; O yes, they will be yours.

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Here’s a rarity — a full set of Langlitz leather gear in the Cascade style. In case you don’t know Langlitz, it’s the brand known as the world’s best motorcycle leathers. New Langlitz jackets can go for as much as $1250, and vintage ones for up to $15,000, depending on condition.

This set is in great condition. The leather is kind of breathtaking. It just kind of sits there glowing at you. Even if it’s not your size, come visit just to see what I’m on about.

Jacket fits a perfect size 42, and the pants a size 34. Pant belt loops fit a 2″ thick belt, like a Sam Browne. The model shown wearing these marvels is 5’7″.

Gotta go as a set. $899. Stock #3751

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