Hein Gericke while riding with a live eagle

Hein Gericke while riding with a live eagle

This vintage biker jacket comes from an era when adventure came more naturally to us. A time when leather jackets — indeed, leather everything — were improved by the addition of a live eagle perched on your fierce leather gauntlet.

That’s because motorcycling actually is made much more adventurous if you attempt to ride while grappling a giant grumpy feathery raptor.

Let’s all imagine how much easier it would be to ride with a lovebird, shall we?

I asked our model to imagine a lovebird while striking an adventurous pose. Ahhh. So much more light-hearted.

This style of jacket has this super smart feature — a double row of zippers, so one may choose to zip tight or zip loose. Adventure Eagle man is zipped tight. Smiling East Side Re-Rides model is zipped loose. Apparently this feature is to accommodate a thick underlayer of clothing on cold days, but I prefer to think of it as pre-and-post turkey dinner. Nom.

Hein Gericke vintage classic plus (zippers like you have never seen before)

Size 38.

Stock #4063


(there are a few more Hein Gericke jackets of other styles and sizes, and a few that look like this but of different brands. do drop in.)

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