Friendliest Fringes by Harley Davidson

Friendliest Fringes by Harley Davidson

Why, yes, hello, Fringed Harley Davidson Jacket, let me shake your hand.

SO pleased to meet you. I can’t wait to hear about the places you’ve been and the things you’ve seen in the last 25 years. My, it’s nice to meet such a handsome jacket, with your nicely broken in leather and your stylish fringe. I see that you’d fit a men’s large, or about a size 44, and that you don’t have one of theose pesky half belts that you find on so many biker classic jackets. No buckle to scratch the tank? You’re even friendlier than I had first imagined!

Better give us a hug. Yes, that’s lovely.


Item #7198. $219


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