Jodhpurs with your cup of tea?

Jodhpurs with your cup of tea?

Sometimes people bring in the most fascinating collections of stuff. Being a store that largely focuses on leather and riding, there are some things we can’t take. But sometimes there are really interesting finds to which we cannot say no.

Bring on the historical fashion, namely, jodhpurs with a button fly that feels like it goes to your knees. It took a little bit of Google searching but here is the story:
They were made in Turnhout, Belgium in 1951. The manufacturer was J.E.M. Klemans-Maes and we are pretty sure they were originally uniform pants.
According to the tag they are a generic size ‘IV’ which translates to a 92cm belt (or 36″ waist for us North Americans) and an impressive 108cm pelvis. That’s 42.5″. Woah. They were a delightful find and we hope someone will enjoy them.

We also have wee jodhpurs, large jodhpurs, and these cotton ones. What do you need for your uniform set?

$69 for technically a 36″ Waist.

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