Summer is here and it’s HOT!

Summer is here and it’s HOT!

The sun beats down at a scorching 30 degrees celsius. The UV index climbs steadily higher towards 10. You’re on your bike, sitting in parking-lot traffic on the highway. The sun is hot, the air is hot, the pavement is hot, your bike is hot. The slight breeze against your neck pushes against your leather and gets no where. You’re sweating, hot, tired, and at this point, probably wishing for a mesh jacket.

Look no further! For now anyways. Also, no promises it will still be here unfortunately. This is an official Honda branded Joe Rocket mesh jacket. There’s a water resistant zip-out liner in case it rains, but for those hot days, let the air flow right through! There are tech pockets everywhere which are waterproofed to save your electronics from both the rain and your sweat! Ride cool and dry in this jacket because you’ll probably need it this summer!

Size XL


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