Tommy Hilfiger Finally Gets It Right Pants

Tommy Hilfiger Finally Gets It Right Pants

I have no idea how the Hilfiger folks got so fancy in their technique and choice of leather, but they’ve managed to almost perfectly capture the feel, thickness, and look of antiqued horsehide in a sweet pair of pants that I would wear to a party or kickin’ about on the bike.

Made of an unwaxed aniline-dyed leather with a natural grain and texture. See the images to really understand what we’re on about!

Fancy red liner. No sign of wear. Woman-shaped. 30″ waist. Low to mid rise. Calf zips to make the pants flare over your boots, or zip ’em up for skinny leg look. Vintage texture leather in a wholly modern pant.

Hilfiger sells ’em for over $350 new. Yours in brand-new condition for $159

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