Classic Black Denim Vest… with Pockets!

Classic Black Denim Vest… with Pockets!

Over the years the black denim vest has been an elusive creature in our shop. It doesn’t come by often, and when it does, it runs out the door nearly as quickly as it appeared. They are dark, mysterious, sexy, comfortable, and useful. They have all those pockets, the ability to stitch patches everywhere, and the lightweight material and flexibility of denim instead of leather.

In my time at the store, I had not seen a single one until enough people had begged and pleaded for us to order some in. We chose to order from Unik, a solid brand that has been around for a while and we’ve noticed wears in quite well. Their leather is amazing and now we know their denim is too.

These vests have a wicking liner on the back and a double denim layer on the front. There are four pockets on the outside, and two (hilarious) ‘gun’ pockets on the inside. In actual fact, the inside pockets are great for cell phones. The snaps are super sturdy and they fit really comfortably. Know what the best thing is? We have more than one and they’re in different sizes!

– $105

– Multiple Sizes

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