Icon Timax Klingon-Fighting Gauntlets (Rare, discontinued)

Icon Timax Klingon-Fighting Gauntlets (Rare, discontinued)

d1ce2b5a64d4b340a7532de6981b66c4aI’m going to lay on the Speculative Fiction talk thick here. I’ll be mixing movie metaphors like crazy. Ready? Let’s go.

If you ever find yourself in the position of having to fight Klingons… or hostile warrior aliens like the Asphalt-ians , you’ll want an armored glove with ultimate protection and a certain almost … Games of Thrones style. Not only will it protect the heels of your hands with the skid armor dots, but it will get between your knuckles and anything hard and nasty coming at ’em. These are the ultimate in modern motorcycle protection while simultaneously looking so badass even the road will curve away from you.

Icon stopped making these exact titanium armour gloves years and years ago, especially in the long, gauntlet form. The internets, past and present, are full of people asking each other where they can find a pair. Now you know. There’s a single rather lovely pair here waiting for you. Tagged men’s XXL, might fit XL as well.

$159 as time of writing. Item# 7967

A Common Klingon Saying: “Today is a good day to… Ride”

NgongmeH Duj’meH QaQ jajvam

(Actually the above, translated, would say “Today is a good day to get on an experimental ship”)


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