Bates Cafe Racer-style Jacket, size 38 tall, 1970s vintage, near mint.

Bates Cafe Racer-style Jacket, size 38 tall, 1970s vintage, near mint.

Hi. I’m your storyteller. Once upon a time, 45 years ago (circa 1970) there was a person named Ronnie. They had this jacket made for them by Bates of California. They were slim, tall, and had long arms. And lo, they ordered it in the black and the red, with a racy stripe running down the arm, in the way of so many nice cafe racer jackets. It was fashioned with loving care, with Talon zippers, a shiny 70s liner, a personalized tag for Ronnie, and a fleecy warm liner that zips handily in and out, according to the temperature on that particular day in our far, far past.

523164945SHONIBARE_JCG5472_vitrine5Then, says the storyteller, for the first time beginning to fictionalize the storyline, upon receiving the brand new Bates jacket, Ronnie decided that t’was too beautiful a creation to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous riding; too stupendous a garment to insult with bug splatters; and they forthwith put it in a vitrine (kind of like this one).–>

For the next 45 (give or take) years—or so the story goes—they gazed lovingly at it, through glass, under temperature-controlled, preservation-perfect atmospheric conditions, until one day–one day, in their middle age, the television show Leather Jacket Hoarders did a special on them and one of the producers happened to mention East Side Re-Rides and our love of harbouring perfect vintage jackets until they go to new homes…. and the fate of this jacket was sealed.

And now we have it. And it’s perfect. And now you should have it.

#7346. $299 Canadian, not Californian Dollars. Size 38 tall.


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