Heatheringtons Fawncy Shirred Leather Dress

Heatheringtons Fawncy Shirred Leather Dress

This leather dress has a very particular style about it. That style is considered retro by the kids today, who were busy being born about the same time a young teenage me was watching very fancy ladies on teevee wear dresses cut similarly to this.

Soft leather. plunging neckline, keyhole closure in the back, shirring, studs, wide snap belt, and shoulders, shoulders, shoulders. About a size medium on top, size small below. Slim hips, broad shoulders and a bit of a bosom, and you’re smokin’!

Once upon a retro, it was $1500. Today it’s $175 of priceless vintage high glamour. #7998

Also seen in this shot: Hero Helmet (cute costume helmet) and goggles ($32 non-DOT dollars)


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