This might be a Schott in the dark….

This might be a Schott in the dark….

I’m going say the word patina now. Brace yourself. Patina. The patina of wear. The patina of age. The patina of a very expensive Schott jacket that sells for $760 USD when brand new.

Got that firmly in your mind? Okay, now I’ll say that the liner is missing and the main zipper pull has seen better days (Actually it’s been replaced with a cunningly-devised and perfectly functional leather-covered paperclip, yes I did that. I admit it.) The jacket has been worn and worn and worn by an actual biker on an actual motorcycle, and he only parted with it because it just don’t fit no more.

Come slip into it and see if you want to give it its forever home.

Seems like a men’s size Med – Large (42 – 44). $269 CAD. Item #8902.

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A blog is like a diary. Just like your diary, this post captured a moment in time, but the item shown has VERY probably moved on long ago.

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