Pockets and zippers and grommets, oh my!

Pockets and zippers and grommets, oh my!

Tired of things falling out of your pocket? Have too much pride to wear a fanny pack out in public? Fallen victim to the fashion industry’s birdbrained decision to stop including pockets on women’s clothing? Fear not – we present to you this fantastically pocketed, zippered, and copiously grommeted belt to help you carry ALL of the things!

This nifty piece has two outer pockets that snap shut, a zippered pocket tucked away on the back of one of said pockets, and many many grommets for tying / clipping / attaching things to.

If there are any fellow festival-goers reading this, I say ditch the fanny pack and come snag this beauty – Shambhala and/or Burning Man 2017, anyone?


Item #10194
Fits a 30″ – 36″ hip

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