Elvis Jesus has Entered the Building

Elvis Jesus has Entered the Building

The film industry is a constant source of awesomeness in this business. Here we have two Elvis Jesus* jackets, identical in size and style, except that one has a liner and one does not.

Both are slashed. It’s a style thing, not a damage thing. Have a close peek at the pictures to see what I mean. They would do for twins, or perhaps one for Jesus and one for Elvis. Hard to say who would wear the one which really lets the wind whistle through, though. Maybe Elvis, who would be hot under all those stage lights.

Anyhoo, I was on about the film industry, wasn’t I? These two jackets were worn by “Twitch” the star of the show, and his second-team double. Guess which show it was? No, really, guess, because I’m not sure either.

Item # 10247 and 10246
A slender men’s medium.
Brand new before they completely sold out, they used to go for $840.
Here, you can get the perfect one for $399, and it’s chilly twin for $309, and downwards. (In this store, prices go down, not up)

Come take a look in person. You can’t buy this kind of cool.

No, wait, you totally can.

*Elvis Jesus is a fancy counterculture fashion brand.

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