Simmons Bilt : Patina You Can Hang on a Gallery Wall

Simmons Bilt : Patina You Can Hang on a Gallery Wall

Simmons Bilt of Scotland is all about making the holy grail leather jacket — the one you’ll own forever and remember for even longer. Something that is a precious item: wearable art.

This is a contemporary jacket, model “The Fortune Hunter”, modeled after the explorer’s jackets of the 1930s and 40s. Brand new from Simmons Bilt, this model costs $610 British Pounds, or about $1060 CAD. Plus shipping. Plus duty.

It’s made of sumptuous horsehide: heavy, thick, oily and flexible. It measures 44″ across the chest, making it a large… but I would put the shoulder size at a men’s medium. You’ll want to try it on.

Item #10395 , Starting at $709 CAD.

A note on colour variation: Any colour you see on screen depends on the technology you’re using to view it, the technology used to take the picture, the technology used to process the image, and of course the light it was shot in, the exposure, and so forth. The pics here were shot in various kinds of light, to show off the patina in strong indirect daylight, direct sunlight, and indoor daylight + shop lighting. The jacket, from a short distance, appears a pleasantly varigated, vintage warm brown. It’s only as you look at it closely that the true glory and subtlety of the patina appears. Come and see it in person.

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