Lions and Tigers and Lambskin Corsets, oh my!

Lions and Tigers and Lambskin Corsets, oh my!

We’re so thrilled over the arrival of our shiny new shipment of Milwaukee corsets we can barely contain ourselves (but it’s okay, we don’t have to, that’s what the corsets are for).

We have a variety of sizes ranging from XS to 4XL, so whether you’re a slender little pixie or rocking some amazing bust-and-booty, we got you covered.

And did I mention they’re lambskin? Soft… sooo soft.

Difficult to take a flattering picture of these without a living human model…

Here’s a quick sizing rundown, these are measured in inches across the waist:

XS: 23″
S: 25″
M: 27″
L: 29″
XL: 30″
2XL: 32″
3XL: 34″
4XL: 36″

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