This Vanson Comet is out of this world!

This Vanson Comet is out of this world!

I’m not usually a big fan of brown leather (all black, all the time. Dress to depress) but one look at this Comet and I’m a believer. That patina! That beautiful, shiny patina!!! This particular shade of brown is probably best described as a combination of “melty milk chocolate” and “obscenely expensive mahogany furniture”. Pretty amazing.

Men’s Large, with cute zips. This is one of those tried-on-twice jackets, so it’s essentially brand new; still has the Vanson tag and everything. It retails over $700 CAD, but we’ll let you have it for $589 or less.

(Shoutout to our handy dandy folding chair for being such an exceptional model for this photoshoot.)

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