Are you too big for these britches?

Are you too big for these britches?

Okay, people. These here vintage britches (try saying that three times fast) have a patina of age, a patina of wear, and a patina of mystery. Despite their age, which is apparent from every angle, the leather is still soft, thick, flexible, and wearable. You’ll be wanting to put them on and wear them for the next 70 years.

Let’s answer the burning question … Are you too big for these britches? Or too small? Or just right?

Exactly a 38 inch Waist (Fashion size 36?). Thighs 26 inches. Some booty room. Just below-knee length, depending on where you keep your knees. High rise (of course).

Item #10829
Starting price $250.00
Breeches Era: From our research, we think West German, WWII or only slightly later. (possible Pilot’s uniform)
“Zipp” brand fly zipper.

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