Fight winter butt-chill in this Joe Rocket jacket

Fight winter butt-chill in this Joe Rocket jacket

Y’all are going to be shocked when I say this, but brace yourself, I’m gonna say it anyway. Ready? Here goes: Sometimes Vancouver gets some chilly-ass rain in the winter.

I know you’re shocked but please try to hold it in. Listen. We may have the solution. In this very store we have, in many colours, sizes, and brands… get this… touring style textile jackets. Not only that, but we have them in men’s and women’s styles (both new and consignment).

Touring jackets, as you know, are the longer kind, meant to cover your literal chilled ass while you’re out riding in this aforementioned chilly-ass weather.

Like this one, for instance. (You knew I was leading up to this, didn’t you?)

A Joe Rocket Ballistic in gently-loved condition. All the armor, zip-in liner, and all the windchill protection. XL men’s size.

Item #10103

ps: Light up your black jacket with a hi-vis reflective harness

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