1962 RCMP Stetson (Mountie Hat)

1962 RCMP Stetson (Mountie Hat)

This is a very special find! An authentic 1962 RCMP Stetson with a little back-story.

Worn in the field by the original owner during the 60’s, it was stored faithfully in a hat press during the 70’s until now. This treasure comes with said original hat press it has been preserved in all these decades and they have both withstood the test of time maintaining wonderful condition, with two small little indents being the only damage (picture included). When you open the press you can see how incredibly flat it has remained – flatter than the earth in 1492! Whether you’re a fan of fine Haberdashery or a Canadian History buff, this is a great piece for your collection or wardrobe. Check out the pictures for all of the exciting close-ups and details!

Size 7-1/8 (Roughly “Medium” to “Large” range)
$229 and dropping
item No. 11475

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