It’s raining fancy biker bras…

It’s raining fancy biker bras…

Someone just dropped off a glorious collection of leathers in a very petite women’s size. Jackets! Vest! Halters! Shorts! Leggings! Pants! And SO MANY BRAS!

They are the very epitome of biker chick chic, with studs, fringe, and beading, zippers and straps. Are they in your size range? Bring your very slight frame to the store and see which of them bring you joy!

Jackets are XS
Waist on the pants is about 24 – 25 inches
Vests are XS & Small
Halters and bras are XS, small-busted.


11407 HARLEY DAVIDSON GLOVES 11407 HARLEY DAVIDSON Fingerless GLOVES black Leather S Deerskin, fringes. $29.00
11406 UNBRANDED FETISH 11406 UNBRANDED Tie-on Corset Bra FETISH black Leather XS Center zip, studs along edges, minor boning, ties at back. $29.00
11405 UNBRANDED FETISH 11405 UNBRANDED Bra FETISH black Leather XS Top and side ties, studs along edges, beaded fringe. Underwire. $23.00
11404 UNBRANDED FETISH 11404 UNBRANDED Bra FETISH black Leather XS Underwire, conch in center of chest. Halter-snap top. $23.00
11403 UNBRANDED FETISH 11403 UNBRANDED Bra FETISH black Leather XS Super-fine beaded fringey bikini-top, top and side lacing. $23.00
11402 UNBRANDED FETISH 11402 UNBRANDED Bra FETISH blue Denim XS Denim halter w/ studs and corset lacing. $15.00
11401 EASYRIDERS FETISH 11401 EASYRIDERS Bra FETISH black Vegan Lthr XS Front lacing, faceted round studs. $15.00
11400 UNBRANDED FETISH 11400 UNBRANDED Studded Bra FETISH black Textile XS Round studs. $15.00
11399 UNBRANDED FETISH 11399 UNBRANDED Bikini Top FETISH black Leather XS Beading + ruching along bottom, halter-style. $23.00
11398 UNBRANDED SHIRT 11398 UNBRANDED Tie-On Halter SHIRT black Leather XS Laser cut, scalloped-cut edges, beading. So fancy! $35.00
11397 UNBRANDED SHIRT 11397 UNBRANDED Tie-On Halter SHIRT black Leather XS Fringe front, ties at neck and back. Nice leather! $32.00
11396 SUZIE 11396 SUZIE’S HYDE Fitted Halter SHIRT black Leather 32" Chest Deerskin, center zip, collar, corset lacing on back. $65.00
11395 UNBRANDED ACCESSORY 11395 UNBRANDED LEGGINGS ACCESSORY black Leather 16" – 20" Thigh Many many many many fringes, side zips, adjustable side laces. $65.00
11394 UNBRANDED VEST 11394 UNBRANDED Fancy VEST black Leather 34" Chest Soft leather, fitted cut, 3-snap front. Lots of fringe! Lace-up adjustment. $65.00
11393 HUDSON LEATHER VEST 11393 HUDSON LEATHER Fancy VEST black Leather xxs Short, side-lacing, lots of fringes and conches. $55.00
11392 UNBRANDED SHORT 11392 UNBRANDED Fancy Booty Shorts SHORT black Leather 24" High waisted short-shorts. Conches and tassels. $39.00
11391 HARLEY DAVIDSON PANTS 11391 HARLEY DAVIDSON Jean Style PANTS black Leather 6 W Stud design, single rear pocket, ankle snaps. High waisted. $99.00
11390 EASYRIDERS PANTS 11390 EASYRIDERS Riding PANTS black Leather 24" Elastic expansion in waistband, leg zips, good leather. $139.00
11389 NORTH BEACH JACKET 11389 NORTH BEACH Biker Classic Shortie Plus JACKET black Leather 5 – 6 Collectable designer brand. Fancy style, tan leather thong contrast stitching, fantastic leather. $279.00
11388 HARLEY DAVIDSON JACKET 11388 HARLEY DAVIDSON Willie G. JACKET black Leather 36 Snap-out liner, brass hardware, beads + fringes. Excellent leather. $259.00

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