Road Warrior Fantasy – Schoeller Gauntlets

Road Warrior Fantasy – Schoeller Gauntlets

Don’t you hate it when marauders are trying to chase you down for your precious petroleum resources? Me too. Protect yourself from roving bandits and road rash with these bad-ass gloves.

Made by Schoeller, these Leather Gauntlets come armored with silver metal detailing. The armor is attached with rivets making it secure and to be honest, pretty hardcore looking. The articulation of detail on the fingers is outstanding and allow for free movement and grip whether you’re grabbing something out of your bag or wielding a Gothic-punk battle Axe as you ride down a long-abandoned highway. Pull the wrist straps tight to keep everything secure.

At $41 these bad-boys are a steal. Will accept a Cattle Dog or Sawn-Off Shotgun as trade.

Size XL

Store Item # 11005


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